How To Make Money In Forex Without Actually Trading

How to make money in forex without actually trading includes using trend trading, Fibonacci arithmetic, and a host of other strategies. Trend trading is the practice of price fluctuations occurring in a given market. It is when prices move in a certain direction and there is some relationship between the price and the trend. When this occurs prices tend to follow the trend.

Fibonacci arithmetic indicates that when prices break out in a certain direction a new trend will start. Using Fibonacci arithmetic it can be difficult to determine when the trend will start or if it will actually reach your desired price. A good strategy is to find out when prices are breaking out and hold onto that knowledge for later. A note on the Fibonacci arithmetic: Some people find they can best utilize the Fibonacci arithmetic when prices are high due to the stress it places on the system.

In this case it can be a good tactic to use the Fibonacci arithmetic on the price fluctuations. As prices get higher the stress builds up and the system will start to fail you. Do not be tempted to use the Fibonacci on your portfolio, as it can backfire and cause even more problems.Always observe the market objectively. This will help you to determine when to enter the market, exit the market, and work through the motions again.

How To Trade In Forex For Beginners

For example, if you have observed a new low on any of the stocks being sold, you may decide it is time to get in on those stocks as well. By observing the market objectively you will be able to determine the direction of the market and the strength of any trend. Many a trader has lost their entire investment window when entering the market expecting a particular trend to continue. Trend following is a good tactic for gaining market awareness.

Many new traders enter the market believing they have to continually perform a ‘perfect’ trade. The truth of the matter is any trader can break a trend if they are bothered enough. Most importantly however any trader MUST understand the trend.

It is a wise trading strategy to understand the trends and strengths of a market. If you are going to trade trends and follow the trends objectively you will not be able to identify a trend and break it quickly. Many a trader has made the mistake to jump in early and get ahead of the trend. Often this is due to ‘lucky’ breaks that are simply not possible.

You may see trend reversal when a pattern becomes apparent. Many new traders enter the market believing they MUST get in early to capitalize on the early momentum. On of the most common reasons new traders get caught up in the early momentum is due to unrealistic expectations.

Realizing they will need to get in early is the first step to truly trading in the market.

By realistic expectations I do not mean the 30 second window that most stock market watchers are in. Realistic expectations are the new normal we are all of late.

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